able to assist with a medallion signature guarantee for the transfer of Israel Bonds

A record $1.127 billion in State of Israel Bonds was sold in the United States in 2016.  Kahlon hails more than $40 billion in Bonds sold globally since 1951

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Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon addresses the annual B’Sheva Jerusalem Conference on February 13 2017. (Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)


A record $1.127 billion in State of Israel Bonds was sold in the United States in 2016.

The Development Corporation for Israel, also known as Israel Bonds, issues debt securities by the government of Israel. Israel Bonds also are sold to investors in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Belgium.

Continue reading “ able to assist with a medallion signature guarantee for the transfer of Israel Bonds” announces an upgrade to its backend technology and a reduction in fees to shareholders for the cost of a medallion signature guarantee down to $149 is looking to make life a little more affordable for shareholders who need a medallion signature guarantee for the transfer of securities.  We appreciate the feedback we have received from shareholders throughout the country who have indicated to our customer service center that it has become increasingly difficult for an individual, entity, trustee or executor to obtain a medallion signature guarantee from a local bank branch. We recognize that many shareholders who need a medallion stamp may need it for administrative purposes to change a name, an address, to name a beneficiary, or others may need it to transfer securities that have a low value. We wanted to modify our online portal as a cost effective solution so that all shareholders can utilize our services to verify their identification and to obtain a medallion signature guarantee regardless of why they need the medallion signature guarantee.

We have discounted our fees to $149 per medallion signature guarantee.  We invite all prior users and potential clients to visit us at

About eSignature Group, LLC

eSignature Group provides a unique, patent pending online platform at, which allows stockholders to obtain a medallion signature guarantee for the transfer of securities. The platform is available for individuals, corporate entities, trustees, and executors and can be used to obtain a medallion signature guarantee for shares in physical certificate form or for shares held in an electronic book entry account via the submission of a signed stock power. For more information, visit

Securing Secure eSignatures on Financial Transactions


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Today’s rapidly evolving technology has already led to the disruption of a number of industries. News and entertainment has become far more interactive, movies have gone from the big screen megaplex to the personal 6-inch pocket screen, and the taxi industry has been gutted by the Ubers and Lyfts of the world. One of the more recent industries to see massive disruption is finance. The stodgy, old institutions–happily cultivating their image as conservative and wise—are quickly being forced into uncharted territory.

All this has led to a number of changes in the old rules of facilitating financial transactions – perhaps most notably, a focus on security that’s so strong, it’s leaving many individual stockholders unable to access their own accounts and funds.

“I come from a stock transfer background,” says Seth Farbman, Co-Founder of eSignatureGuarantee LLC, a company that offers an online platform that allows stockholders to obtain a medallion guarantee for the transfer of securities. “So, historically, somebody could just go into a bank, show their driver’s license, and it would be a free service, and they’d be able to get a medallion guarantee. What we’re finding is – and more so over the last year and a half – is that a lot of the banks, both commercial and community, are not offering this service any longer.”

What’s a medallion guarantee? “Anytime someone wants to transfer securities, whether it’s in an actual certificate form, or electronic format, if they want to transfer it to someplace else, they’re required to provide a green medallion signature guarantee stamp,” Farbman says. “And essentially, that lets the transfer agent know that somebody has reviewed the material, and this stamp is confirming that this person who’s signed for it is in fact who they say they are, and they have the authority, or the right to sign this type of document.”

It’s a problem that Farbman has experienced personally.

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eSignatureGuarantee Allows Stockholders To Obtain A Signature For Securities Transfer

Written by: Brett Hershman , Benzinga Staff Writer


It’s almost that time of year.

The 2017 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards is a competition to showcase the companies with the most impressive technology that are paving the future in financial services and capital markets.

To get you prepared for this year’s awards, Benzinga will profile each fintech company that has applied. Want to get involved? Submit your company here. For this installment, we spoke Seth Farbman, Founder of eSignatureGuarantee (answers have been edited for length and clarity).


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eSignatureGuarantee is Upgrading the Securities Industry with HelloSign’s API

March 7, 2017 By Claire Murdough, Posted in Customer Stories


eSignatureGuarantee gives shareholders the power to quickly and safely obtain a medallion signature guarantee before transferring securities. The company offers a “patent pending and first to market” platform that bundles compliance review, identity authentication, and signature guarantee paperwork into one flow.

They integrated HelloSign’s API into their platform, allowing shareholders to sign required transfer documents and stock power forms online for the very first time.

As a result, they’ve simplified the securities transfer process, saved their customers time and money, and solved a pain point for shareholders who otherwise would have extreme difficulty obtaining a medallion signature guarantee.

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