, the online solution for a medallion signature guarantee, partners with NotaryCam to expand suite of services, a unique, patent pending and secure online platform that allows shareholders to obtain a medallion signature guarantee for the transfer of securities, and NotaryCam, the pioneering leader in online electronic notary service, today announced an interoperable relationship to offer eNotarization services to the audience, adding additional value and convenience to  those  who are seeking a secure, convenient and legally-compliant method to validate their identification with online technology.

NotaryCam’s advanced, intuitive technology allows people to upload their documents, connect to a live notary, face-to-face via webcam and sign their documents digitally. With browser-to-browser video conferencing, the notary verifies and confirms the signer’s identity and applies an eNotary seal on the electronic document. Designed for signer ease and efficiency, NotaryCam can accommodate multiple signers, from any combination of locations with multiple signing sessions on the same document. Likewise, NotaryCam is pleased to offer its users access to the online medallion platform, the first of its kind to provide a medallion signature guarantee.’s secure online platform allows shareholders to obtain a medallion signature guarantee for the transfer of securities or mutual funds in either book entry or certificated form. eSignatureGuarantee’s advanced identification verification technology enhances an otherwise time consuming process of obtaining a required signature guarantee by being a bank customer of a particular branch and travelling to obtain it. This patent pending and innovate web based solution integrates two factor authentication technology and knowledge-based identification verification services.

Both of these leading companies have, for the convenience and benefit of the end user, taken today’s 21st century technology tools that positively authenticate identity and have applied them to meet the needs of thousands within the notary and medallion guarantee industries.


About eSignature Group, LLC – is a unique, patent pending online platform, which allows stockholders to obtain a signature guarantee for the transfer of securities. For more information about eSignatureGuarantee, visit

About NotaryCam – NotaryCam is the innovation leader in online notary services that are valid in all 50 states. NotaryCam is the first to securely and legally notarize documents, on-demand, anytime and from anywhere, through a professionally trained network of certified e-notaries via online in-person ceremony.    For more information about NotaryCam, please visit