eSignatureGuarantee is Upgrading the Securities Industry with HelloSign’s API

March 7, 2017 By Claire Murdough, Posted in Customer Stories


eSignatureGuarantee gives shareholders the power to quickly and safely obtain a medallion signature guarantee before transferring securities. The company offers a “patent pending and first to market” platform that bundles compliance review, identity authentication, and signature guarantee paperwork into one flow.

They integrated HelloSign’s API into their platform, allowing shareholders to sign required transfer documents and stock power forms online for the very first time.

As a result, they’ve simplified the securities transfer process, saved their customers time and money, and solved a pain point for shareholders who otherwise would have extreme difficulty obtaining a medallion signature guarantee.

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New Rules, New Possibilities

In the US when an individual or corporation wants to transfer stock to another person or entity, they must get a medallion signature guarantee. The signature guarantee is used to verify a shareholder’s identity and to authenticate ownership of the securities.

Traditionally, getting a medallion signature guarantee required a visit to a local bank. Unfortunately, many banks stopped offering these services over the last several years.

Seth Farbman – Co-Founder of eSignatureGuarantee – shared:

“We saw that thousands of shareholders were stuck when they wanted to transfer their securities or access their inheritance, but they could not find a commercial or community bank to give them a medallion stamp.”

eSignatureGuarantee stepped in to offer shareholders another option.

They created a platform where shareholders could authenticate their identity, generate their transaction request online, and then FedEx the completed paperwork to eSignatureGuarantee. The company could then provide a medallion signature guarantee and courier it directly back to the shareholder or transfer agent.

It was a good alternative to visiting a bank, but not perfect.

The flow still required that shareholders mail sensitive information. Time spent mailing documents back and forth also came with some risk:

“Most of the certificates that require a medallion are for shares that are publicly traded on an exchange. By the time you have to send the documents, the stock may go down in value. Every minute counts.”

Things changed in 2016 when The Securities Transfer Association released new guidelines.

Among the updates was a clause that allowed, within parameters, electronic signatures to be used for securities transfer paperwork. What was once a manual-only process could now be streamlined online.

eSignatureGuarantee jumped at the chance to integrate electronic signing into their platform.

Building a Superior Signature Guarantee Flow with the HelloSign API

In 2016, eSignatureGuarantee kickstarted their search for an electronic signature solution. They knew they needed a signing flow that wouldn’t require users to leave the site. They also needed the solution to be secure and simple to use for the benefit of their users.

They evaluated 3-4 eSignature providers, but after each evaluation, eSignatureGuarantee’s technology team came back with potential issues or concerns.

Then they found the HelloSign API.

“HelloSign was the only one that could deliver everything we needed.”

After selecting HelloSign, they integrated the API in four days and were up and running in two weeks.

“We chose HelloSign primarily for the clear and easy to use online documentation. It allowed us to kickoff the development phase with a working plan having completed a proper analysis when comparing competing vendors.”

Now their customers can sign the required documents (mostly transfer agent forms and stock powers) right from the eSignatureGuarantee platform.

Here’s what it looks like:

1. Shareholders upload the stock power agreement.

2. The form is filled out online, right from the eSignatureGuarantee platform

3. An electronic signature is created and inserted into the document

4. Completed elements are stored safely in the eSignatureGuarantee dashboard

Reducing Shareholder Risk While Modernizing an Industry

The HelloSign API integration was a game changer for not only eSignatureGuarantee, but the entire securities industry.

“Nobody else offers an online medallion signature guarantee solution which incorporates a fully integrated online signing process. We couldn’t do what we do without HelloSign.”

The benefits for the customer are crystal clear, too.

“Sure, a customer saves $30-60 in FedEx fees and 24 hours sending the form back and forth. But more importantly, they’re able to reduce the risk that the stock value will go down in those 24 hours and they benefit from an instantly processed transaction. That’s invaluable to shareholders.”

And so far the feedback from customers has been great.

“People say HelloSign is the best! It gives people peace of mind. We’re proud to work with a provider that has a reputation for security like ours.”

What’s Next for eSignatureGuarantee?

eSignatureGuarantee’s market will be expanding to serve foreign shareholders, the next market eager for an electronic way to obtain a medallion signature guarantee.

“We field requests everyday from shareholders located in China, Israel, Canada, the UK and elsewhere.. We’re currently working on a much needed and effective ID verification solution for foreign shareholders. Our goal is to be the most effective resource for a medallion signature guarantee both for domestic and foreign shareholders but also to open up the transaction opportunities for banks and transfer agents.”

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