The Financial Revolutionist Company of Note: eSignatureGuarantee (bringing unsexy back!)

Nobody is going to accuse 10-month-old eSignatureGuarantee of being a glamorous start-up. But its core service ─ providing a medallion guarantee for the transfer of securities ─ is so unsexy that it’s, well, sexy. Founder Seth Farbman, a successful serial entrepreneur, has spent most of his career wading in the mind-numbing technical minutiae around stock transfer and corporate compliance services. Bringing that expertise to bear on his company’s online platform looks to have significant upside because banks, which once offered medallion-stamp services gratis, have stopped providing the services mostly because of liability reasons. “If you’ve tried to transfer securities over the last few years, you know how time consuming, draining and almost impossible the signature medallion process has become,” says Farbman. “We invested heavily in technology to reduce this friction and have succeeded beyond our expectations.”