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eSignatureGuarantee.com Relaunches Online Platform with Increased Functionality, Design and Education to Provide Medallion Signature Guarantees

eSignature Group, LLC is pleased to announce the relaunch of its patent pending platform which utilizes a unique digital ID verification system to enable shareholders to obtain a signature guarantee for the transfer of securities in book entry or certificate form.

eSignature Group, LLC announced today the relaunch of http://www.eSignatureGuarantee.com, a unique, patent pending and secure online platform that allows shareholders to obtain a medallion signature guarantee for the transfer of securities.

eSignatureGuarantee’s advanced identification verification technology replaces an otherwise time consuming process for obtaining a required signature guarantee by being a bank customer of a particular branch and travelling to obtain it. This web based solution is simple yet, the first of its kind. It addresses a compliance necessity by integrating two factor authentication technology, knowledge-based identification verification services and integration with HelloSign for acceptance of a digital signature, all while allowing the shareholder the convenience of their home or office.

The platform is available for individuals, corporate entities, trustees and executors and can be used to obtain a medallion signature guarantee for shares in physical certificate form, shares held in an electronic book entry, 401ks, bonds, etc.“Our goal for this Version 2.0 of our portal is to assist every shareholder with their efforts in obtaining a medallion signature guarantee and to better the securities industry as a whole by providing streamlined access to services so greatly needed by those who need to transfer securities,” said Seth Farbman, Founder of eSignatureGuarantee.com.

The platform was designed to enhance the user experience of our audience and to better enable thousands of shareholders to obtain a signature guarantee online.For more information about eSignatureGuarantee, visit http://www.eSignatureGuarantee.com or email at info@eSignatureGuarantee.com

About eSignature Group, LLC

eSignature Group provides a unique, patent pending online platform at eSignatureGuarantee.com, which allows stockholders to obtain a medallion signature guarantee which is necessary for the transfer of securities.